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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

everyone is busy talking of Intermitten fasting. do you know what is Intermittent fasting? if you have any confusion read from here 
1. Intermittent Fasting Changes the Function of Cells and Hormones
When we don’t eat for some time, some processes happen in our body.
Here are some of the changes or changes that occur in our body when we don’t eat:
·         Insulin levels: Insulin levels in blood drop significantly, which helps fat burning (1).
·         Human growth hormone: the growth hormones levels in blood increases upto 4 times. Higher levels of this hormone facilitate fat burning and muscle gain, and have numerous other benefits (23).
·         Cellular level repair starts: The body catalyses cellular repair processes, by removing waste material/toxins from cells (4).
·         Gene changes: There are useful changes in some genes related to longevity and healthy immune system. (56).
2. Demolish Belly fat and loose weight:
When we are doing intermittent fasting we are restricting our calorie intake indirectly because eating two meals a day obviously has lesser calories as compared to having 3 of them. So if we are not eating too much in those two meals we will surely end up in taking lesser calories. Added to this since we are fasting for a considerable part of the day, we are releasing hormones in our body to aid fat demolition. Reduced insulin levels, high growth hormone levels and high norepinephrine, increases the body’s ability to reduce body fat. It is pertinent to note that interval fasting actually boosts your metabolic rate from 4-14%.in a research conducted in 2014 on individuals, it found that intermittent fasting may reduce 3-8% of body fat percentage in adults within 8-24 weeks. This means that one can loose a lot of belly fat in addition to loss of several inches from waist. We all know waist fat is related to increased cardiovascular disease.
3. Reduced insulin resistance and reduced chances of type 2 diabetes:
Insulin is a hormone released when there are high blood sugar levels in our body. Blood sugar levels rise in our body once we eat any thing. So when we are eating periodically only, the blood sugar levels are spiked less often in our body which in turn reduces insulin resistance. Lesser the insulin resistance, more away is the type 2 diabetes from us. So theory is lesser calories, lesser instances of spikes in Sugar levels, lesser the insulin resistance, greater the prevention from type 2 diabetes. A study conducted on diabetic rodents showed lesser instance of kidney damage.
4. Reduced oxidative stress and inflammation:
Intermittent fasting in a number of studies has shown to reduce oxidative stress of human body and reducing inflammation as well.
5. Probable heart benefits:
The intermittent fasting has shown to have a positive impact on Blood pressure, total and LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides. Overall it may really be beneficial for heart as well that can further improve longevity.
6. Preventing Cancers:
Fasting has beneficial effects on metabolism which may reduce the risks of cancers. However, scientific research has yet to approve this fact on the basis of experimentation but still facts in hand related to fasting are positive on each and every note of human health.
7. Brain Booster:
Intermittent fasting has given positive results in Growth of new nerve cells. Fasting also accelerates the release of a hormone called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) whose deficiency is linked to depression and various brain issues. Studies on animal have shown prevention from brain damage in case of strokes by fasting.
8. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease:
Studies on rodents have shown delay in symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease when put on intermittent fasting.

9. Muscle gains: 
Practicing Intermittent fasting helps one to reduce body fat and gain muscle mass. one gains muscle mass as fasting increases the flow of growth hormones in the blood. these growth hormones facilitate muscle growth on lifting weights. remember to lift weights for gaining muscle.one can include protein rich food in diet to gain muscle more fast. top vegetarian sources of protein are: click here to know about top veg protein sources.
However, more scientific studies are required to further enlighten the domain of Intermittent fasting but still available studies and results are enough to attract a large chunk of people who love themselves and their lives to intermittent fasting.

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