Wednesday, 28 December 2016

5 THINGS to FOLLOW daily

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1.    A Daily Run :- get up from your bed lazy fellow. Wear those sneakers and track pants and head to a running track. Time and time again scientific studies have squarely proven that running daily is not only good for your heart-health but also lifts your mood. U.S Prez Mr. Obama says “I run because it make makes me forget my stress”. Running in morning supplies the necessary oxygen to the vital organs of our body, it improves the blood circulation, increases your energy levels, de-stresses you, reduces your body fat, reduces your LDLs, Cholesterol what else you want? Go and run in morning every single day even it is Sunday, run, until and unless your limb gets chopped off fella.

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2.    Lift weights:- Yes, you heard it right. You have to lift some weights as well. Do you like saggy shoulders, or chicken neck, or stick like arms, or sunken chest??? No, I guess. Well if you like its your ‘choice’, but if you don’t like these things then lift your weights which are lying in the store. Put them to some use. Lifting is very necessary in case you are a man as lifting boosts your testosterone (male growth harmone). Is helps you build muscle, reduce body fat, and above all it makes you feel like a man, with shoulders stretched wide and perky chest that is visible with even shirt on. Do some military press, dumbbell curls, bench presses, chest flys, and feels the difference in your posture instantly and the muscles, sooner or later.

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3.    Drink water:- We all know the benefits of drinking water but we seldom practice our wisdom. Let’s get real. How often you drink that tasteless fluid in your day? Not pretty often. We have our own excuses of not drinking, I feel like puking when I drink water empty stomach, I don’t feel like eating anything when I drink more of water, I  pee twice the amount I drank the water. Whatever may be your excuse, just flush them. Water is very important to our body system as body contains 65% water. READ. The biggest benefit of drinking water in present world is that it helps you control hypertension. So friends, drink water in morning appox. 500 ml. empty stomach and drink as per your thirst in the day, in the night before going to bed have one glass of water. You will discover wonders in your digestive system and overall health.

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4.    Limit your exposure to Two White Poisons:- I know you are confused as to what is this “White Poisons”. Here I tell you, one is SALT and the other is SUGAR. Man has given to himself two white poisons which we indulge in every day. Our complete day revolves around these two white poisons. Right from morning tea/coffee to breakfast, lunch and dinner. The idea is to limit them and not to eradicate them completely. Cheat codes to name a few are limiting sugar (one teaspoon) to only two cups of coffee/ tea in a day. If you want more caffeine or nicotine get yourself sugar less cups only. I suggest strongly, to refrain from feasting on various aspartame or saccharine based artificial sweeteners. Similarly you should also reduce your salt intake by avoiding high salt snacks, complete restraint on adding salt to your Yoghurt, avoid papads, pickles (achars), avoiding the salt completely in salads.

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5.    Eat Healthy:- some researches say that exercise and diet share 30:70 proportion to achieve a healthy body. So whatever you swallow down your throat should be nutrient dense. By nutrient dense I mean you need both macro and micro nutrients to be healthy and fit. Macro nutrients include Carbs, Proteins, and fats. Micro nutrients includes minerals and vitamins.
Ideal carbs are bananas, whole wheat, brown rice, sweet potatoes, corns, etc.
Ideal proteins are lean meats, lentils, egg whites, soybeans, beans and all.
Ideal fats are olive oil, fish oils, soy oil, sunflower oil, flaxseeds, etc.
And please stay away from Smoking and binge drinking.

Bottom  line : This New year Kiss the good health and kick out your bad habits. You are what you eat and your health reflects your diet. Be cautious. Stay healthy. 

Wishing you a healthy New Year Ahead.

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